American Auto

In the future
cars not only drive themselves
but start conversations with each other
in primitive Morse code:

Honk – high beams – left turn – honk
means, “stop driving like a douche-bag”
I think.

Their horns squawk with mechanical pubescence
testing limits of horsepower, torque, love.

The cars get mean,
shed mufflers on speed bumps,
stay out too late,
drink leaded.
Form cliques. BMW and Mercedes,
Tesla and Audi to harass the dwindling
human drivers in endangered species
(Nissan Stanzas, Ford Taurus’s),
the laughing stock,
the underprivileged.

Drive them off the road.
Take their gas money.
Damage their pride through
Morse code insults completely
lost in translation.

Trunk – wipers – honk – honk
“That chassis looks like American manufacturing.”
Real scorchers.

While passengers drink champagne
or take naps with the kids.
Dad reaches over to adjust the AC
on their way to the baseball game
in Detroit or Oakland.


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