Design is a unique test, like writing. The lines of a logo or the way words lay on paper need to amount to more than their sum of parts. Finding the natural resonance of a project to make it represent a set of ideas beyond just being aesthetically pleasing is one of the most rewarding challenges I've found. Teasing out themes in design to fit a unique company or person or mission is what graphic artistry is about.

Adam Restad is a writer and graphic designer based out of his hometown Billings, Montana. While earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington he learned a passion for design and graphic arts through the trial and error of being the only one of many organizations to venture into the powerful programs of Photoshop, In Design, and Illustrator. He’s perfected his craft under the countless teams and organizations in Ultimate Frisbee (one of his many passions) requesting his skills. He is a fly fisherman and has been known to enjoy a fine bourbon.

photo by Tom Aldrich

adam restad